Q1. Who are required to perform early web-registration?
A1. All First Degree students (EXCEPT for students from the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry) are required to perform the early web-registration.

Q2. How and Where can the web-registration be accessed?
A2. Students may perfor the registration process by visiting the page using any computers which have access to the internet.

Q3. What are the implications if my Identification and Password is made known to other parties?
A3. A number of implications may occur in the case of the disclosure of your IIdentification and Password. Among the implications that may occur:

Other individuals may change/alter your course registration record in the SMP page Example: The registered courses may be dropped/unregistered by unknown parties

Q4. What should I do in the case of lost/forgotten Identification and Password (NPP)?
A4. Please obtain new password PIN (NPP) from the UKM's Centre for Information Technology by producing the proof of fee payment at the cost of RM3.00 from the Department of Bursary and your Student Card. The student is required to present himself in order to obtain the new Password (NPP). No representatives are allowed to claim the Password (NPP) for other students.

S5. Why do I get the following popup message after logging in SMPWEB ?
Mesej selepas login
J5. SMPWEB is in a secure connection environment , but there are some files that are not located in it. If you click 'Yes', some of the webpage content will not be displayed, and vice versa. For example, if you click 'No', your photo will be displayed. For more information, please click 'More Info'.

Explanations of messages that may be displayed on the system
Message Description
1. Early Registration Period Closed 1. The Early Registration period for your faculty and study year is close.
2. Session Has Ended 2. The duration for accessing the system is ended/terminated. The duration for the system utilization if for 20 minutes per session.
3. Student Registration Status <...........>.
You Are Not Allowed To Perform Course Registration. Please Refer To The Academics Department/Your Faculty
3. Only students with the status REGISTERED, LATE REGISTRATION, UNREGISTERED and SUSPENDED REGISTRATION may register for courses. If you are DEFERRED in the previous semester/session please refer to the Department of Academics.
4. Student Level <........>. You Are Not Allowed To Perform Early Course Registration 4. Only students from First Degree programmes that is UNDERGRADUATE level are allowed to perform web-registration
5. Technical Problem, Please Contact The Centre for Information Technology 5. Please e-mail: