I. Purpose Of Implementation

SMPWEB is a web-based supporting system for Sistem Maklumat Pelajar (SMP).The target users are STUDENTS and ACADEMIC PERSONNELS.

II. How to Login  

(1) Academic Personnels

In the USER ID column, you need to insert 'K' and followed by your UKMPER (6 digits code).In the PASSWORD column, please insert your password which you use to access EWARGA.

Example :-
789 K000789 -similar to EWARGA-
1789 K001789 -similar to EWARGA-
22789 K022789 -similar to EWARGA-
333789 K333789 -similar to EWARGA-

(2) Students

In the USER ID column, you need to insert your Registration No. Example: A123456 (with no space).In the PASSWORD column, please insert your Student's PIN No. (No. Pin Pelajar-NPP).

III. How to use

(1) Academic Personnel

The interface screen that is displayed for Academic Personnel is Listing/Report. Among the Listing/Report menus are as follow:-   a. Students' Listing By Course - Early Course Registration   b. Students' Listing By Course - Current Course Registration   c. Course Listing-Student-Grade   Please click on the related listing. Please insert the appropriate SEMESTER and SESSION options (Example: 1 20012002). Click on the RETRIEVE button. The listing for COURSE/COURSE SET for the selected semester /session will be displayed on the screen. Select COURSE/COURSE SET on the display by clicking the selected line. Click on the STUDENT button to obtain the listing for number of students for the Course/Course Set. You may print the page by clicking the PRINT button.

Please click on the MENU button to use the other menus on Listing/Report or click on the BACK TO HOMEPAGE to be re-directed to the main page.

(2) Student

Below are the interfaces that are displayed for students:-

  a. Student's Personal Information
- View only   b. Review for Course Registration Record
- View only   c. Early Course Registration   d. Current Course Registration   e. Thesis Registration   f. Examination Results
- View only